A New Beginning

Aug 2017.                                        Indore

           Today was a special day for me. After the alarm sounded at four o’clock in the morning, the mind was thinking, what should be done? Well, before bedtime I had planned today, but because it was my first time, there was little hesitation in my mind. But soon after I restrained my thoughts and came to the balcony, the streets of the city filled with shouting noise throughout the day were submerged in a strange silence at this time. After staying there for a few moments, I started preparing for my visit and kept some essential things in the bag and left the room at 6 o’clock.
           The time of morning is the most positive and joyous time of any day, and what to say about it when your favorite song is ringing in earplugs. At that moment it was enough to thrill me. After walking fifteen minutes, I reached the bus stop. Even then, I have traveled extensively several times even earlier, but this journey was quite different and exciting from the rest of the other journeys. Bus left at seven o’clock for the destination, with some four-five rides, the bus reached the main road crossing the many crossroads of the city. I have been enjoying traveling in morning, because of that fresh air and there is a different energy flows in you. Slowly just when it went ahead, instead of familiar paths, unknown but scenic scenes were taken by them. Street was on both sides of a different feeling to see several feet high cliffs. After some time crossing some curved roads, the bus just moving on a flat surface. On both sides of the road, the Vindhyachal mountain ranges seemed to be very attractive with the golden rays of the rising sun. In this mountain range there a place called ‘Janapav’ The Lord Parashuram’s birthplace and this is also the origin of the Chambal river. After some time our bus arrived at a small town called Dhamnod, it was said about this small town That is, Mandava’s Famous Queen Rupmati belongs to here, and she had a lot of love for the river Narmada. She started every day after seeing the river Narmada. From here onwards, after moving just a little while, I reached the place where I came out to reach ” The Maheshwar”.
            “Maheshwar” is a ancient city, which is also mentioned in the Mahabharata, at that time its name was ‘Mahishmati’ and after this it became the residence of the Holkar Dynasty’s Queen  Ahilyabai Holkar. It was the capital of the Holkar dynasty and witnessed several important events in Indian history. This town is famous today as a major tourist destination. At about nine and a half o’clock, I wanted to see the scene as soon as possible, then quickly entered the fort and reached the place with some doors and stairs, to which I had been thinking for several days. The scene was in front of my eyes, it was “Narmada”, The River Narmada, it would be more appropriate to say Maa Narmada, because this is the same river which is spreading entire Madhya Pradesh in two parts, flowing through the Satpura and Vindhyachal mountain ranges and her serene and pure water gives new life to the state. This Life giving river originates from Amarkantak, located in the Far East region of the state. From this place, this river shows its flawless nature by blowing several waterfalls ahead of the flow, and here in Maheshwar, this river passes very calm and intact with the opposite of its nature, as if it reveals the reverence for Maa Ahilya. Here her water keeps flowing continuously without sounding anything, then Narmada again creates a waterfall, showing its sparkling nature, whose name is “Sahastradhara” means ‘A thousand currents’. 

            After visiting the Ahilyeshwar Mahadev Temple, I went to the main Ghat and here was the scene in front of me which I had come up to hundreds of kilometers and wake up at four o’clock in the morning, Seeing that sight, I became fascinated like this and I did not have the word to tell that beautiful scene. Soft dense wind, cool Narmada and the beautiful river basin “Amazing“. 


            After seeing that beautiful scene for about an hour, then turning around on the entire ghat. The sun’s rays was creating a different brightness in the water of the river. After looking the entire ghat, I reached the royal palace. For looking to the place of worship of Ahilyabai in the fort, I went to the main court where there was a pleasant peace. The main court is built in the Maratha style. Wooden pillars and walls are still in the same condition. Some pictures showing the history of the dynasty by hanging on the walls. Ahilyabai used to worship Lord Shiva everyday and hundreds of Shivlings were made by her hands every day, her tradition has been preserved alive today. The special point of the royal palace is that there is no name or mark of any luxury or snare, everything is simple and quite. I am very happy to see the old soles of the Holkar era, guns and Ahilyabai’s Palki in the court. After a while, I left the place and go to the bus stop. I was very happy when I was returning. Until a few days ago I had a little hesitation in traveling alone, but today, I started my new jorney. 

            There are more than fourteen thousand tourist places in India, although I can not go everywhere, but I want to wander all these places and today it was probably the beginning of this journey and I would now like to go to new places in the coming time. Look at which place to get the next chance?

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”.
                              – Ibn Battuta (An Ancient Traveler)